Our field of activity

Congress und Stadtmarketing Saalfelden GmbH has the following responsibilities:

  • Organisation and performance of strategic and operational marketing planning for the town of Saalfelden, in particular for the town centre.
  • Hosting and organisation of various events to revive the town centre.

We organise established events such as

We also help to organise the

However, town marketing is about more than just organising events. Urban development and attractive public spaces are particularly important issues for us, and our long-term goal is to create a sustainable structure for the town.

We set high standards for our work and recognise that we must comply with the latest standards. That’s why we initiate innovative projects and demonstrate the progressiveness of Saalfelden. One example of the town’s future-oriented approach is the home page, which was re-designed in 2011 and now includes a bilingual shopping guide that is compatible with Smartphones.

Our field of activity includes maintaining and renting the video walls on the B311.

Since July 2009, we have been operating the Saalfelden card customer loyalty programme. Points can be earned and spent with about 37 partners. We support the businesses, handle the technical aspects and carry out administrative work behind the scenes.

As a permanent administrative member of the board of the advertising alliance, our members benefit from intensive support and numerous benefits such as discounts on adverts, reduced rates in the shopping guide and the option to borrow technical equipment. In addition, the members have the opportunity to participate in many trading activities.

Marketing the benefits of the town is particularly important so that we can extend the zone of influence and position our town as a „shopping town“. This includes organising events specifically for the target groups, advertising such as the shopping guide, editorial reports in the Saalfelden Nachrichten where the issue of town marketing is dominant.

We also offer comprehensive consulting free of charge and have a wide network. We are contact persons, a centre for information exchange and trusted co-operation partners for events.

The main focus of the town marketing is the ongoing development and consequent implementation of strategic marketing objectives to increase the attractiveness of Saalfelden as a location – for the 16,659 residents, the residents of the surrounding communities, entrepreneurs, visitors, guests or customers from across the country in cooperation with the municipality and the tourist association.

Healthy economy = healthy community = high quality of life for everyone.

The town marketing efforts are concentrated in a targeted manner which creates a significantly greater impact that ultimately benefits everyone. 

What does "together" mean?

Town marketing is a constant process of development that affects everyone. It would not be possible without the involvement of the economy, the municipality, the associations and the local residents.

TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG Alliances and partnerships are important for us to achieve our vision. Building networks is an important strategic aspect of our work.

We work together with cooperation partners from business, politics and special interest groups on the various events and projects.