Saalfelden weekly market

Regional diversity at the Saalfelden weekly market

Every Friday, 6 April until 19 October, between 8 am and 12.30 pm local delicacies and handicrafts were available on the town hall square in Saalfelden.

Our market is not only a famous meeting point for locals also guests love the weekly tradition as it’s a place for doing some shopping, enjoying  some homemade cooking and  getting into some small talks with various people.


For the first time there are high quality fair trade organic cotton bags printed and processed by Lebenshilfe with much dedication and love.


We would like to sincerely thank the regualr customers of the weekly market Saalfelden for their loyalty.

Also in the market season 2018 there was again a Wochenmarkt raffle.
This year we were looking for those weekly market customers who came closest to the average of all customers with the purchase amount.
From April to September, all purchases made on the SaalfeldenCard were additionally registered in order to identify the three custoers closest to the average.


On 21st of September we handed over to the winners (Andrea Hirschbichler, Inge Flunger and Stefan Maier) gift baskets that were filled with selected delicacies and crafts from our Standlern.


Salzburg schmeckt

Am Wochenmarkt Saalfelden finden alle Freunde von frischen Produkten aus der Region tolles Handwerk und feine Leckerein. Das weiß auch Gerald Reisecker von AMA Salzburg, der mit einem Kamerateam für "Salzburg schmeckt" am Wochenmarkt und bei den Standlern Sylvia Voithofer und der Familie Willberger vom Ennsmanngut auch zu Hause filmte: