On Faschingsdienstag between 2pm an 5pm this year for the first time the Narrenfest our carnival party took place in the pedestrian zone.

The town marketing and the Kinderfreunde Saalfelden have considered great play stations:

  • Can throw: Who hits all cans?
  • Zielpupsen: The cork must be in the bottle.
  • Dressing up game: you're never dressed up enought.
  • Crafting table: cutting, gluing, painting and more.
  • Balloon course: balance the balloon through the obstacles.
  • Swivel disk: Turn in the bookstore Wirthmiller on the wheel of fortune.
  • Carnivalpic: Let Foto Jelinek shoot a funny picture of you.

Each child who successfully completed the play stations war rewarded with a carnival fritters and a drink.

The rush exceeded our expectations.
There were around 200 children in creative and sweet costumes in the pedestrian zone Saalfelden.
At all game stations was so diligently played that ended at the end of the carnival fritters.
It was a fun afternoon where all kids, big and small, had fun.
We would like to thank the Kinderfreunde Saalfelden, the bookstore Wirthmiller and Foto Jelinek for the active support and are looking forward to a continuation next jear on 5th March 2019.

Impressions of 2018: