Honky Tonk Festival 2018


Countless enthusiastic honky-tonk visitors turned Saalfelden into a livelvy party city on 6th October 2018.

Above all, a common goal shaped the project of many night owls: listening to music, partying and having fun!

Right from the beginning, there was a great atmosphere in all the bars and restaurants and it was danced to a variety of genres.

New this year were three concerts by Shiela Michellé and her gospel colleague in the parish church of Saalfelden.
There was also a concert for the first time with the stars of Herztattoo, Diana West and Bianca Holzmann in Espanita.

Over 15 years, we can now present  ourselves as the host of this festival and for all those who can hardly wait for a sequel - we look forward to seeing you again on October 5th, 2019!

Impressions 2018:

© Wolfgang Koinig